Connection-Oriented Packet Sniffer And Protocol Analyzer
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No. Brief Description
1 ToolBar Window Offers the most useful commands
2 Connections Window Shows a list of TCP connections and UDP threads
3 Packets Window Shows a list of packets in a TCP connection or UDP thread
4 Protocol Tree Window Provides protocol stack tree for a packet
5 Application Data Window Provides a colorful syntax highlighting view for application data in a packet
6 Hex Packet Window Provides Hex view as well as ASCII view for a packet
7 StatusBar Window Shows Buffer usage, totoal connection number, and total packet number

Commands in ToolBar Window

No. Brief Description
1 New Window Create a new window
2 Start Start packets capturing
3 Stop Stop Start packets capturing
4 Configure Configure capturing filter, acceptance policy, and buffer size
5 Select network adapter Select a working network adapter
6 Open Open a packets file, saved previously
7 Save Save current captured packets into a file for future reopening
8 About Display program information, version number and copyright


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